Journey towards NISCF Accreditation

Service Providers wishing to obtain NISCF Accreditation shall raise a formal request to, and go through an assessment by, NCSA. To increase their chances in obtaining Accreditation, Service Providers shall prepare for the assessment. 

Prepare for Accreditation

Before starting the application process, the Service Provider should go through an internal verification and / or implementation exercise of the NISCF Accreditation Service requirements, it is applying for. 

These actions are not part of the NISCF Accreditation application process. However, it is strongly advised to perform the below, or similar, activities in order to ensure the readiness to apply for NISCF Accreditation. 

NISCF Accreditation Preapplication Steps


  1. Develop an Accreditation Compliance Program to help achieve the targeted Accreditation:
    • Identify and understand applicable Standards, Processes and Terms and Conditions.
    • Attend NCSA’s workshops and training on NISCF Accreditation.
  2. Develop and compile compliance evidence to NISCF Accreditation:
    • Perform an internal gap assessment.
    • Create Accreditation control environment and structure.
    • Competencies building of the team, through hiring and training.
    • Develop, update, and prepare necessary policies, procedures, and other documents.
  3. Prepare Accreditation Application Pack:
    • Compile and organize compliance evidence.
    • Prepare and collect the mandatory forms and signatures to request for Accreditation.
    • Ensure fees payment ability.
    • Perform Readiness Self-Assessment.

For more information regarding the different NISCF Accreditation Services available, please click on the Service you are interested in. 

NISCF Accreditation Audit NIA Seal     NISCF Accreditation Advisory Seal    NISCF Accreditation Penetration Testing Seal

NISCF Accreditation Application 

Once the Service Provider is confident with its readiness to go-through NISCF Accreditation application process, it can raise a formal request to NCSA. The below steps provide a highlight on how the NISCF Accreditation application will be processed. 

Before applying, the Service Provider shall ensure it has read and understood the terms and conditions of Accreditation as well as the specific agreement to the NISCF Accreditation Service it is applying for.

NISCF Accreditation Application Steps
  1. The Service Provider applies for a specific NISCF Accreditation Service formally:
    • Raise the request using the website application form. 
    • Submit all the mandatory documents and supporting evidence, including the dully signed documentation.
  2. NCSA assesses the Service Provider: 
    • Review the application documentation to verify conformance with the relevant NISCF Accreditation Requirements.
    • Communicate identified non-conformities, if any.
    • The Service Provider submits a Corrective Actions Plan.
  3. NCSA awards the Accreditation to the Service Provider:
    • Issue of NISCF Certificate of Accreditation.
    • Update the Public Accreditation Record.