Personal Data Privacy

National Cyber Governance and Assurance Affairs oversees Law No. 13; the Personal Data Privacy Protection Law (PDPPL) and therefore regulates data privacy in the State of Qatar. It offers advice and guidance, promotes good practice, carries out audits and advisory visits, considers complaints, monitors compliance and supports enforcement action where appropriate.

National Cyber Governance and Assurance Affairs is responsible for taking strategic and operational decisions to implement and oversee the Law. It will take all measures it sees fit to implement the provisions of the PDPPL and to oversee compliance with it.

The strategic objectives in relation to data privacy set out the outcomes that National Cyber Governance and Assurance Affairs will work towards to provide a shared understanding of its aim and purpose are below:

  • Increase awareness of privacy rights among individuals and organisations
  • Receive and respond effectively to complaints about misuse of personal data
  • Investigate and support issuing of fines or penalties to organisations in line with the PDPPL
  • Engage with industry sector groups effectively to increase standard of data protection practices
  • Participate actively in international privacy communities
  • Stay relevant and update guidance on privacy around emerging technologies
  • Enhance capability and build world-class privacy leadership in Qatar
  • Develop and issue data protection policies for controllers

For any queries about any requirements in the PDPPL or the work that National Cyber Governance and Assurance Affairs carries out in relation to data privacy, please contact