Audit Accreditation

The National Information Security Compliance Framework (NISCF) offers an Audit Service Accreditation for Service Providers interested in elevating quality assurance of information systems for Government Agencies and Critical Sector Organizations.

To achieve Audit Service Accreditation, a Service Provider must meet the NISCF Accreditation requirements and apply for accreditation completing the audit-related questions within the Service Provider Self-Assessment Form. 

The accreditation certificate awarded following successful application provides a point-in-time reference to an Organization's compliance with the NISCF accreditation requirements for a specific service area. Subject to the successful maintenance of the accreditation, the accreditation will remain valid for 3-years authorizing the Accredited Organization to perform the accredited service for which accreditation has been awarded.

NISCF Accreditation Audit NIA Seal  

Achieving Audit Service Area Accreditation-at-a-Glance

  1. Learn more about how to Become an Accredited Service Provider for Audit Services.
  2. Access more information and the documentation required for Audit Service Area  Accreditation

For further guidance and clarification on the accreditation process, please contact at  National Cyber Governance and Assurance Affairs staff liaison.

Eligibility Process

Achieving the Audit Service accreditation entails the submission of a completed application form and supporting documents. The objective of this process is to determine if a Service Provider meets the requirements of the National Information Security Compliance Framework for the Audit Service accreditation.