National Data Privacy Office launches the Privacy by Design Assessment Tool

Monday, October 16, 2023

The National Data Privacy Office is pleased to introduce the Privacy by Design Assessment Tool (Beta Version) in response to the ever-evolving landscape of personal data privacy and protection. This tool empowers organizations to promote development and innovation by integrating privacy controls into the initial stages of system and application design.

The Privacy by Design Assessment Tool offers a comprehensive framework for evaluating systems and applications that handle personal data from a Privacy by Design perspective. It encompasses 43 controls across seven domains: Transparency, Consent Management, Data Lifecycle Management, Disclosures, Security for Privacy, Individual Rights, and Privacy in System Development. Additionally, the tool generates an automated PDF report with recommendations that organizations can leverage to enhance the privacy posture of their systems and applications. Please note that the tool is not intended for assessing compliance with requirements of Law no (13) for the year 2016, the Personal Data Privacy Protection (PDPPL). 

We invite organizations to make use of the tool and provide us with valuable feedback, which will play a crucial role in refining it as we work towards launching web and executable versions in the upcoming year.

The National Data Privacy Office remains unwavering in its commitment to nurturing a culture of privacy and data protection. Through the Privacy by Design Assessment Tool, we empower organizations to uphold privacy and accountability standards in today's digital era. Join us in this journey toward privacy excellence, where personal data is respected, safeguarded, and leveraged responsibly for the benefit of all.

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