National Data Privacy Office launches the Organization Level Privacy Compliance Assessment Tool

Thursday, December 21, 2023

The National Data Privacy Office (NDPO) has introduced the Organization-Level Privacy Compliance Assessment Tool, crafted to aid organizations in meeting the requirements of the Personal Data Privacy Protection Law (PDPPL), Law no (13) for the year 2016. This tool stands as an indispensable resource for entities that aim to adhere to PDPPL stipulations and to embed privacy best practices within their operational frameworks.

This tool is organized into 12 domains that address the expanse of data privacy concerns, featuring 99 controls. Out of these, 88 controls are regulatory, directly corresponding to PDPPL mandates, and 11 are geared towards fostering privacy best practices.

The functionality of the tool enables organizations to:
•    Identify the PDPPL requirements relevant to their operations.
•    Self-evaluate their existing privacy measures against the applicable controls.
•    Document areas of non-compliance in a 'Roadmap' worksheet.

The 'Roadmap' acts as a detailed guide for assigning responsibilities for non-compliance issues, specifying remedial actions, and tracking the progress of implementation. While the tool identifies areas that need attention, the analytical and strategic response is the responsibility of the organization.

The adoption of the NDPO’s assessment tool offers considerable advantages. It facilitates legal compliance and crucially, it contributes to building stakeholder trust by demonstrating a rigorous approach to data protection. Aligning with PDPPL requirements and embracing privacy best practices significantly bolsters an organization's credibility, establishes a culture of privacy accountability, and lessens the risks associated with data management. This proactive stance is foundational to a resilient and trustworthy privacy management system that is well-prepared for both current and future data privacy challenges.

Disclaimer: This tool is designed as a resource to evaluate your organization’s privacy posture and does not guarantee compliance with PDPPL. It should be utilized as an initial step to identify areas for improvement in your organization’s privacy practices. This tool is not a substitute for professional legal advice or a comprehensive compliance strategy. NDPO is not liable for any decisions made based on its use. 

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